Trade Winds: A Voyage to a Sustainable Future for Shipping (2023, Manchester University Press)

By Christiaan De Beukelaer / 31 January 2023

In 2020, Christiaan De Beukelaer spent 150 days covering 14,000 nautical miles aboard the schooner Avontuur, a hundred-year-old sailing vessel that transports cargo across the Atlantic Ocean. Embarking in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, he wanted to understand the realities of a little-known alternative to the shipping industry on which our global economy relies, and which…

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Global Cultural Economy (2019, Routledge)

By Christiaan De Beukelaer / 1 January 2019

This co-authored book Global Cultural Economy critically interrogates the role cultural and creative industries play in societies.

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Développer les Industries Culturelles (2018, Peter Lang)

By Christiaan De Beukelaer / 1 November 2018

À travers un engagement empiriquement fondé au sein de ce débat, ce livre montre comment le recours à la catégorie des « industries culturelles et créatives » dans les politiques publiques reconfigure les limites des politiques culturelles.

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Cultural Policies for Sustainable Development (2018, Routledge)

By Christiaan De Beukelaer / 15 May 2018

This book contributes to a better understanding of the role of culture in achieving sustainability, focusing on the particular roles for cultural policy in this context.

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Globalization, Culture, and Development (2015, Palgrave Macmillan)

By Christiaan De Beukelaer / 1 July 2015

This edited collection outlines the accomplishments, shortcomings, and future policy prospects of the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

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Developing Cultural Industries (2015, European Cultural Foundation)

By Christiaan De Beukelaer / 1 February 2015

In Developing Cultural Industries, Christiaan De Beukelaer offers a thorough exploration of how the concepts of cultural and creative industries are constructed and implemented across African countries and evaluates various policy implications of his findings.

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