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The Diversity of the Globalised Cultural Economy

This edited extract of the new book, Global Cultural Economy, explores how understanding context and history can help us change the lives of artists and cultural workers for the better.

Feeling Flight Shame? Try Quitting Air Travel and Catch a Sail Boat

Carbon emissions from international air travel show no sign of abating. In the absence of a tax on jet fuel, are sail boats the best way to travel the world sustainably?

What Can the Arts Do in the Face of Climate Change?

The arts helped shine a light on issues in the past, and now in the 21st century, it could help define global ecological citizenship.

Creative Economy and Development

Cultural industries come in many different forms around the world. Though the language we use seems remarkably similar. How come?

Global Digital Music Revenues are Ballooning – But How Are Countries in Africa Doing?

The political economy of music distribution goes unchecked. Despite increased digital revenues, also across Africa, music markets remain characterised by bottlenecks between musicians and audiences.

Global Cultural Economy (2019, Routledge)

This co-authored book Global Cultural Economy critically interrogates the role cultural and creative industries play in societies.

Cinq Perspectives sur l’Économie Culturelle Mondiale

Cet article propose cinq prismes idéologiques à travers lesquels le discours multipolaire sur l’économie culturelle est communément défini : laudatif, ambitieux, dissident, agnostique, réflexif.

Mobilizing African Music

Across the African continent, music distribution has long been dominated by makeshift networks operating in the margins of the formal economy. The rise of digital distribution has promised change, but how has this affected the political economy of music industries?

The Creative Economy as a Versatile Policy Script

This article explores the various ways inter-governmental organisations (such as UNESCO and UNCTAD) have adopted the ‘creative economy’ as a way to influence the governance of cultural industries around the world.

Why the Netherlands is More Split on ‘Black Pete’ Than Ever

The debate about the controversial Saint Nicholas character, considered racist by many, is a symptom of deeper divisions in Dutch society.

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